Where do you pee…no really

So episode 16 was a strange subject for us.  One because as Brandy says , ” we don’t have a horse in this race”   Two because I still feel naive when it comes to the  transgender community.   It has been many years since I had to accompany my son to the rest room. However I am interested in learning more about this community, and would like to keep an open mind.  Does it really bother some of you if a male transitioning into a female wanted to use a woman’s restroom?  I mean there are stalls with doors, in pretty much every woman’s restroom I have ever been in.  How would you know if this person was using the stall next to you?  How do you know they are not already? Or have been for years?  Why is this such a huge issue now?  In the communities you live in, are there laws about this sort of issue?  I honestly feel because I live in huge city issues get blown out of proportion.  I would like to know the honest opinions of our listeners.  I will not judge, just looking for another side of the story.

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 Where do you pee…no really

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